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The Rise of the Fear continues just where book one finished.  Sturgar spies have reached deep within the Median King’s entourage. His reign and the peace of the Land are threatened as never before. Those he trusts most, despite their loyalty, are the biggest threat of all. As he struggles to keep the new love he has found, and reconcile his marriage in order to keep the the two great armies united, his life, and those around him, hang in the balance.  In this multi-character medieval type fantasy cruelty and kindness, lust and deception reveal how the fate of a few, impact the many.


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Fragile Peace begins the fantasy epic. War is only a rumour and most of the shoken races have lived their lives in peace. The Median King has done his best to bring his peoples together and endures a political marriage to that end. The Sturgar, a half forgotten race, banished to the ice-wastes in the north, are gaining in strength and number. Their new leader has started a reign of genocide - but he has more than revenge and blood lust in mind - he plans to bring all the shoken races under the heel of the Sturgar. He bides his time, gradually reminding the shoken to fear them  once again. Plot and intrigue, adult themes and violence combine with believable fantasy elements to make this book a unique read.  

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Sophie Line is a great read for children in the age range 8-12.

Sophie Line has a a secret even her best friend Alex doesn't know she can change herself into a cat.. really useful when there is a crime to solve

In the second story, Sophie Line  Cat Detective, must use all her powers of deduction and transformation to solve an unusual crime. An exciting story full of humour and intrigue.

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Fantasy is a much maligned and misunderstood genre. I knew this when I began to take my writing seriously and planned to avoid it all costs ~ after all serious writers write about serious things. Then my imagination got the better of me (it always does) and what began as a tale of reluctant leadership and the victims of governments and war became something more. I think it is still a serious story. The gay hero must prove himself a worthy leader, the various races must learn to fight together if they are to survive, but it’s all sewn together with a good pinch of horror and lot of make-believe.

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