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DJ. Bowman-Smith

A lot of people ask if ‘Bowman-Smith’ is my real name or just some nonsense I made up because I write in the fantasy genre. So, just to put the record straight, it is, or at least, it was. Bowman-Smith was my maiden name. I have been married for twenty five years (can’t believe it’s that long) and on a day to day basis I use my married name for all else except the writing.

I live in Southern England on the coast, about two roads from the seafront. It is a lovely quiet spot and ideal for writing. I walk on the cliff top most days. However, I was born, (1964… you do the numbers) in the North of England in County Durham, but I have been here since I was six, so I think of myself as a Southern Softie now.

Like most writers I cannot afford to be at my desk every day so I work part time as a supply teacher. I really enjoy the flexibility this allows. Often I have a pre-booking and that is great as it means I know where I am going and who I will teach that day. Other times I am on call and then I have to get up teribly early and wait for the agency to ring. But the best thing about being on call is that, sometimes, there is no phone call. Those days feel like a gift and I always get lots of writing done, probably because I feel a little bit guilty for not being at work!

Recently I have published the second book in the fantasy series Shoken Wars. So at the moment I am really enjoying getting on with book three. There is nothing more engrossing than creating a first draft. Also, I have written some children’s books, Sophie Line ~ Cat Detective. There are two books about this school girl who can change herself into cat and I hope to get some of the other stories I have in my head about her onto a laptop soon.

What else? I travelled a lot when I was young, which is probably how the characters and all the different races came to be in the Shoken Wars. These days travel is still an inspiration. I like to get on the back of my husband’s motor bike, I generally don’t ask where we are going, I’m more than happy to hang on the back, watch the scenery and make stuff up. Always got a note book handy when we stop for tea and cake. We have two daughters who are fast growing up. One at University and the other at college.

The Writing Life

Author Bio

When I am not teaching or writing I do a little artwork. Mostly e-book covers, occasionally CD covers and now and again actual art you need a paintbrush and pencil for. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.

All of the book covers and any other artwork including photography is my own… apart from the pictures of me, they were taken by my daughter who just happens to be studying photography.  

If you are looking for a an artist, do email me. If I think it is something I could do well we could get together. If not I bet I know someone I could put you in touch with that may be able to help.


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